Since 1996, Church Sports Outreach (CSO) is committed to “redeeming the idol of sports by leading a global movement of local church, gospel centered sports ministries.” CSO, along with The Sports Chaplains Network, is a part of The Sports Outreach Group.

What Does CSO Do?

Since we are involved in sports ministry, we’ll use a sports analogy to answer the question of what CSO does. Every player who plays a sport needs three things: 1) A coach, 2) Teammates, 3) Equipment

CSO offers these three things to a sports ministry at a local church. The staff at CSO serve as coaches and mentors for sports outreach leaders. We provide training, classes, and leadership development to help these leaders integrate sports and ministry. Secondly, we help sports ministers connect with other sports ministers. CSO has worked with hundreds of churches in the United States and partner formally with 30+ churches in the CSO Network. This extensive network allows staff and lay leaders to connect with one another and learn from each other. Lastly, CSO aims to resource sports ministries through the CSO blog and Resource Center. The blog and resource center serve as places to read articles, watch videos, and listen to messages geared around sports ministry.

To learn more about how CSO can help your church, visit the CSO Network page.


How did CSO begin?

What makes CSO different from other Sports Ministries?

What is the history of Sports Outreach?

How can CSO help my church?

Can I read some testimonials from churches about CSO?

How can I contact CSO?

What is Relational Evangelism?

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