How big is your gospel?  How big is THE GOSPEL? Is there a difference in the two answers?

To answer these questions, ask yourself – What is the gospel?

If your answer is along of the lines of:

– Jesus died for my sins

– Jesus died for my sins to get me to heaven

– Jesus died for my sins to get me to heaven to spend eternity with him

Your gospel may not be big enough.

Whenever we reduce the gospel to a set of propositional truths, like the ones above, we are limiting the gospel.  It may be true but it is incomplete.  We have to see The Gospel as a Story to grasp the completeness of it.

Theologians have called The Gospel a Story with four chapters – CREATION, FALL, REDEMPTION, CONSUMMATION.  To illustrate this flow, Tim Briggs developed the graphic below.  Use it.  Pass it around to those in your ministry to remind yourself and others of these four chapters and the beauty of the complete gospel.


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Bob Schindler has worked at CSO since 2003. Prior to coming to CSO, Bob worked as a pastor for 18 years - eight as an Associate Pastor in Leadership Development, Outreach, and Youth, and ten as a church planter and Senior Pastor. Before vocational ministry, Bob worked in business for six years in sales and marketing and corporate training and played professional golf for four years. He still has an interest in golf but would most of the time rather play basketball or rock climb or kayak - something more active than golf. He and his wife, Beth, have four grown "kids" and a grandson and a granddaughter.

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