Fall 2016 ONLINE SCHEDULE (beginning in August/September):

  1. Gospel Centered Sports Ministry (go to Curriculum Page)
  2. Theology Of Competition (go to Curriculum Page)

Which Classes Will Be Offered?
It is our desire to offer two classes simultaneously which will be help on different days of the week.  The classed scheduled for the Fall of 2016 are Gospel Centered Sports Ministry and Theology of Competition.

How Does This work?
All classes are available each semester by online extension. Class lectures are offered online by video and can be watched at your convenience. Weekly video conference calls with a CSO facilitator and other students will be scheduled after all students have enrolled. All classes are completed in six (6) weeks.

Classes are scheduled on a regular basis with a short break during the summer. For current classes, more information and schedules please contact Jeff Fox  @ 704-941-8397.

The cost per class for a non-CSO Network church leader is $100. The cost per class for a CSO Network member is $50/25. To learn more, see the CSO Network OR Make Online Payment Now.

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