youthflagfootballI recently came across this stat from on youth sports.

In 2006, 41% of 6  to 17 year olds participated in sports.  This number is up from 34%  in 1998.  Sports was the most popular extracurricular activity.

Almost half of youth are participating in sports!  Statistical proof for what we already knew: sports is a great context to reach your community with the gospel.

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Tim Briggs is the Creative Media Pastor at Church at Charlotte in Charlotte, NC. He blogs regularly at Church Sports Outreach. He also regularly writes about ministry, the church, technology, culture, and creative stuff. He is married with three children and is currently pursuing a M.A. in Biblical Studies from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.

One Response to Participation in Youth Sports is Up

  1. Josh Reinken says:

    Would love to know if and how this statistic has changed since 2006 with the impact of the recession… Has anyone felt like they’ve taken a hit in registrations since the recession? What changes have you seen in registration trends?

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