I had a hard time watching this video.  Not just because it’s uncomfortable and awkward (which it is) but because of the posturing involved.  I’m not sure I’ve ever witnessed two people fight so hard to prove their worth.  What you see in this video are two grown men who look to their accomplishments for their significance.   When your significance is found in anything but God, you never feel secure.  It feels like sinking sand that could all dissolve in a moment.  So, when it’s threatened you feel the need to prove yourself.

Lord, I realize how much I’m like Richard Sherman or Skip Bayless.  Remind me of the gospel that says I can rest in your effort, not mine.  When I feel threatened, remind me that I’m above reproach because of what You did, not because of what I did.  When I feel tempted to look to my accomplishments for significance, remind me that my “accomplishments” by themselves lead to death but your accomplishments, on my behalf, lead to life.

And I pray for anyone who watches this video that they would be reminded of how shallow our accomplishments are no matter how impressive they may seem.  And may this whole incident, in some small way, help people to understand their need for You.



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Tim Briggs is the Creative Media Pastor at Church at Charlotte in Charlotte, NC. He blogs regularly at Church Sports Outreach. He also regularly writes about ministry, the church, technology, culture, and creative stuff. He is married with three children and is currently pursuing a M.A. in Biblical Studies from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.

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