The next time you’re in worship service at your church, look around and take note of the ratio of women to men that you see.  My hunch is that women in the church will outnumber men 2:1.  The local church certainly has a man problem, doesn’t it?

And it’s not even numbers, it’s much more than that.  There’s a spiritual maturity issue as well.  There is a large percentage of men in the local church are who are disinterested.  Perhaps these men attend church out of obligation or because their wife is making them.  Whatever the reason, our pews/seats are filled with men who are either non-believers or nominal believers.

This problem is a big deal:

• Can you see any way of ever getting society right unless we get the church right?
• If that’s true, can you see any way of ever getting the church right unless we get families right?
• If you’re still with me, can you see any way of ever getting families right unless we get marriages right?
• And, can you see any way of ever getting marriages right unless we get men right?

Sure, every now and then you hear about a woman who rips her family apart, but even then it’s usually after years of emotional neglect. It really is about the men.

So, what’s the solution?  The blog I linked above has some thoughts and I would encourage you to explore those.  I’m not exactly sure what the solution is but I know what a solution could be: sports.

Sports has a tendency to draw men out of their hiding in the pew.  Men often times don’t feel competent enough to teach children’s Sunday school and may not feel comfortable enough to go to an adult Bible Study/Sunday School class but they often feel qualified to play/coach sports.

Sports can be a great way to evangelize/assimilate a disinterested man in your congregation.  Sports provide a great context to build relationships.  Beyond evangelism and assimilation though, sports can be a great tool to disciple a nominal believing guy in your church and help to develop him into a leader.

For more on this topic, see this video.

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