OrganicOutreach2CSO offers various types of training geared to help local churches train their volunteers, leaders, and coaches. Below are some examples of the training CSO has led in churches:

Outreach Dynamics: This seminar aims to assist local churches in the training of their congregations on outreach. Outreach Dynamics is NOT about learning a method or launching a program but about gaining a different and empowering perspective on outreach.

For the Love of the Game: In this training, we discuss what it means to play sports for the glory of God. The following questions are addressed and answered in this training: What does glory mean? How can I glorify God with my sports? What role does winning play in my glorification of God? Does God care who wins? Should I argue with referees? What were sports like in the garden?

Coaches Training: Over the years, CSO has trained coaches on topics such as: Gospel-Centered Sports Ministry, The Most Important Question for a Coach to Ask, For the Love of the Game, and Organic Outreach.

Sports Outreach 101: This training is meant to help training catch a vision for how sports could be used at their church to reach people in the community for Christ.

If you would like more information on the training CSO offers, or if you would like to request CSO to come and lead training at your church, contact Bob Schindler.

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