What a great blog entry from Jared Compton at the Gospel Coalition. Much of this type of a material we are covering in our Gospel-Centered Sports Ministry class. I would highly recommend you read this. Below are some excerpts:gospel

If you think the Christian experience is supposed to be characterized by constant discouragement and infrequent victory over sin, your gospel is too small. It’s got a giant hole in it. Right in the middle. It’s a gospel that probably talks a long time about getting into heaven and out of hell or about something you share-or should share-with unbelievers. So, when someone comes along talking about being gospel-centered, you think they’ve got eternity or outreach on their minds, certainly not discipleship. If asked, you’d say the gospel is good news now for believers because of what it did for you back then (justification) and what it will do for you in the future, when you die or Jesus returns (glorification). You wouldn’t have much-anything-to say about sanctification. Again, I’d want to say, you’ve missed something absolutely central to the gospel-something profoundly hopeful. You’ve missed why the gospel is good news for you today, not simply yesterday or tomorrow.

What is the Gospel?: The gospel is the good news that God sent Jesus to undo what Adam undid

If the engine of the Christian experience is the good news that God has given you new life in Christ, then you need to preach this good news to yourself every day. Remind yourself about what God has done for you in Christ as often as you can. So, for example, when Satan tempts you to despair and preaches condemnation to your heart, remember that Jesus took your death sentence away; he made an end to all your sin. Besides preaching the gospel to yourself, fuel this practice with all the means of grace at your disposal: Bible reading, prayer, corporate worship, gospel-centered (and celebratory) music, and especially fellowship.

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